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Conducting and Writing Literature Reviews: Dissertations/Theses

How to conduct research and write a literature review

Dissertations & Theses Databases


Full-text dissertations sometimes have links in the university library catalog where the dissertation was published.  A copy of a dissertation or a master’s thesis can sometimes be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan. Some dissertations and theses are simply not available due to the granting university's policies.

The following resources are excellent starting points for locating dissertations on a particular topic.

Locating Dissertations & Theses

There are variations in the way masters’ theses and dissertations are cataloged in library catalogs.


Most of FGCU's dissertations are available electronically via DigitalFGCU.

In the FGCU catalog, a thesis is assigned the subject “Dissertations, academic” followed by a subheading for the university where the thesis was done. For example, to locate print dissertations for Education in our catalog search the following:  

Dissertations, Academic -- FGCU -- Education -- Doctorate

In addition to cataloging by author, title and by the subject matter of the thesis, the type of work, i.e. thesis or dissertation, is also cataloged and searchable.  UWF, UCF, USF, UF, FSU, FIU and FAU now provide access to many of their dissertations and theses electronically through their library catalogs.  

Theses and dissertations held by other State Universities in Florida may be found in their online public catalogs a bit differently.

For example:

To find USF (University of South Florida) masters theses in the adult education program:

To find UF (University of Florida) theses use this example:

  • §   Dissertations, academic -- UF -- College of Health Professions

Some of UF's dissertations may be available online for free and some are only accessible to the UF community.  Search for UF dissertations & theses.

In the University of Central Florida (UCF) online catalog, UCF theses can be found by searching the subject heading followed by a subheading for the department.e.g.:

UWF Dissertations (University of West Florida)

Florida Universities Union Catalog Search of Online Dissertations  (for dissertations: from the result listing go to the Subject topic area on the left and then click on the +sign to locate dissertations by topic.


Sometimes newer dissertations may be available online for free from the universities where the dissertation was published.   If you have a title of a dissertation, you may try locate it in the following ways:

  1. Type the title of a dissertation in Google because it may be available online.
  2. Go to the University Library where the dissertation was published and do a search.
  3. Search WorldCat to see who may own the item.  If you do not find it electronically, you may request via ILL or sometimes we may purchase dissertations. 

Dissertation & Writing Handbooks


The following is a short list of suggested sources on writing theses and dissertations.  To locate resources in the catalog try the following search.

dissertations, academic authorship

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