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Evidence Based Practice (NUR 4169): Critical Appraisal

What is Critical Appraisal?

"Critical appraisal is the process of carefully and systematically examining a research report to judge its trustworthiness, make sense of the results and assess the relevance of the findings in a particular context."

Burls, Amanda. (2015) "What is Critical Appraisal?" What is...? series. Hayward Medical Communications. Retrieved from

Critical Appraisal Worksheets

Once you have located published evidence, it's time to critically appraise those studies. Critical appraisal worksheets pose a structured series of questions that can help you assess study methodology, validity, and applicability to your clinical question. Here are some good ones to check out:

Critical Appraisal Self-Tutorial

Check out this overview of Critical Appraisal, a self-paced tutorial offered by the University of South Wales in Australia. Hopefully, it will inspire you to click on the tutorial's link to take it yourself! (Seriously, it's an awesome resource.) The overview is provided by Students 4 Best Evidence, an online network for students interested in evidence-based healthcare--which is also worth checking out.

Critical Appraisal of Practice Guidelines

SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND: While many groups develop practice guidelines, they do not necessarily reach the same conclusions and recommendations for practice. The following journal article and document provide guidance for the critical appraisal of practice guidelines:

Adapted from John Moritz Library's EBP LibGuide.