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Scholarly Communication: Publishing

Getting Started

The top tip for selecting a journal to publish in is to trust yourself. You're an expert in your field. You can determine if a journal publishes quality research.

If you're an early career researcher or a student, get multiple opinions from your supervisor and colleague. 

How do I find a journal?

When looking for a journal to publish in think about:

  • Where are your peers publishing?
  • What journals are you reading?
  • Talk to your colleagues!


Need further help finding a journal to publish in? The tools below can help you, but remember that no single tool will connect you to all journals so try a few.

Finding and Evaluating Journals

When evaluating a journal do the following:

  • Ask yourself, is this journal trustworthy? 
  • Look at the website and evaluate if it looks professional, if the journal is published regularly, and who the editors are.
  • Look at the contact page. Does the information add up? Inconsistent information is a red flag.
  • Finally, ask yourself, would I be proud to publish in this journal?

If you can’t answer these questions positively, then you shouldn’t publish in that journal.

What about "predatory" publishers?

Many researchers are concerned about “predatory publishers.” A good rule of thumb is that legitimate journals are more likely to ask you to review than to submit. Journals published outside of the United States with rapid publication, using a mega journal model, or an Open Access journal with article processing charges are legitimate. Unfortunately, if there’s a way to make money, there will always be scams. If you evaluate all journals carefully, whether it is Open Access or a subscription journal, you’ll always publish proudly in a legitimate journal.

Think. Check. Submit.

Logo for Think. Check. Submit.

How can you choose a trusted journal for your research?

No matter where you are publishing always Think. Check. Submit.

Think: Ask yourself, can you trust this journal with your research? Does the journal publish research you would read yourself?

Check: Is the organization or publisher of the journal identifiable? Can you contact them easily? 

For journals with publication fees (color charges, Open Access) - are the fees clearly listed on the publisher's website? Reputable publishers should list their fees clearly and publicly. 

Do you know the names or reputations of any of the editorial board members? 

Are the articles indexed in services you use within your subject area?

Submit: If you can answer yes to these questions, then submit!