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Education: FTCE Certification

Need articles, books, or videos? This subject-specific library guide can help!

Florida Department of Education Information

Free test information guides are available for every test in the FTCE/FELE program. They include a description of the test, a list of competencies and skills tested, sample test items, and a reference sheet, if applicable.

General Test Taking Guides

FTCE Study Guides

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Featured: FTCE Engineering and Technology Concept Review

Here are some sample articles from Britannica Academic to help you review.  Try using the search box in Brittannica to find additional articles on concepts you need to review (perhaps a specific question you got wrong on a practice test). Here are just a few suggestions!

Also, you may want to consult the following guide:  Secrets: FTCE technology education K-12 study guide: your key to exam success (Mometrix)

1: Nature and Impacts of Technology

2: Drafting

3: Engineering 

4: Energy and Power Technologies

5: Information and Communication Technologies 

6: Transportation Technologies 

7: Manufacturing Technologies

8: Construction Technologies

9: Laboratory Management and Safety 

10.  Technology Education, Professional Development and Instruction