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Education: Social Studies

Need articles, books, or videos? This subject-specific library guide can help!

Social Studies Lesson Plans

Awesome Library -- Social Studies

American Memory Project 

Exploring Florida   Social Studies resources with a Florida focus from USF's Florida Center for Instructional Technology. Contains maps, music, movies, virtual reality sites, Floripedia, and more.

Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School  Mrs. Mitchell is a Social Studies teacher from New Hampshire. 

National Council for the Social Studies  

National Center for History in the Schools

PBS Site for Social Studies Teachers

Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources 

National Archives:  Teaching with Primary Sources Lesson Plans

Today's Front Pages from Newseum of Washington, D.C.  presents front pages of over 800 newspapers throughout the world. Users can quickly locate newspapers by region.  Does not keep an entire range of archives but has some historical events such as Hurricane Katrina, Presidential Elections, Red Sox Wins the World Series, etc.

Primary Sources

What are Primary Sources?  Essentially, primary sources are first hand accounts of an event.  Examples may include diaries, photographs, audio files, video recordings, memoires, maps, artifacts, etc.  

Guide to Using Primary Sources

Using Primary Sources on the Web Terrific Guide by American Library Association


Selected Web Sites

American Memory Project 

Back to the Source: Inspired Teaching with Primary and Original Sources 
Includes lesson plans and primary resources (documents, images, audio and video clips) by subject area.  SPIRED TEACHING WITH PRIMARY AND ORIGINAL SOURCES

Best of History Web Sites by  Contains over 1200 websites organized by area of history.  Includes lesson plans and  teacher guides.

National Archives 


Early Americas Digital Archives  offers electronic texts from 1492 - 1820

Internet History Sourcebook from Fordham University. Annotated site that organizes reference into ancient, medieval or modern.  

Repositories for Primary Sources  from the University of Idaho.  Offers over 5000 web sites from regions throughout the world that link to manuscripts, historical archives and photographs

Discovering American Women's History Online

State Digital Resources: Memory Projects, Online Encyclopedias, Historical & Cultural Materials Collections







FGCU Library Selected Resources

The FGCU Library has a variety of resources (books, videos, or journals) for Social Studies.  To search for teaching resources for Social Studies, do a search for Social Sciences Study and Teaching as a Subject Heading.  Then, on the left go to the subject area and open it form more results.  You should be able to narrow to the following areas:

Here are a few examples:

Social Studies Books in Curriculum Collection


Selected Journals for Social Studies and Locating “Hot Topics”

Childhood Education LB1141 .C5   Current issues in browsing area.

Education Week (Trade)   L11 .E383

Elementary School Journal   L11 .E6 Current issues in browsing area

History Teacher D1 .H8177

Journal of Social Studies Research

Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences  

Phi Delta Kappan LJ121 .P4  Current issues in browsing area

Reading Teacher LB1573 .A1 R28 Current issues in browsing area

Social Education H62.A1 S6  Current issues in browsing area

Social Studies D16.3 .S65

Social Studies and the Young Learner LB1584 .S6365

Social Studies Review

Voices from the Middle LB1631 .V65

Finding Articles Using Online Databases

The following databases are excellent starting points for locating materials related to social studies topics.    When connecting to these resources from off-campus, you must enter your FGCU ID (14-digit number) before you are allowed access.

Locating School Textbooks and Children's Literature

For a quick way to locate textbooks or children's literature books, please go to the advanced search screen of the Library catalog.  

 Locating Textbooks in Library Catalog

1. Type your topic and select Anywhere

2. In the Limit your search further section, select Location

3. Select either Curriculum Collection or Children's Literature to only search those areas.


You may also do the following in the regular catalog. 

1.     Type school textbook collection as a Subject Heading.

2.     Click School textbook collection in the Subject: Topic area to narrow results by topic.  Then click show more which will show elementary or secondary.  If you click show more again, you will get the subject areas.

3.     Or, do an Anywhere search subject + school textbook collection.  For example, health school textbook collection.